Manele Music in Calafat, Romania, night at Mariana’s brother club. Docked for 2 nights and so 1 day in Calafat, I met Mariana in the afternoon and we talked, in the same language, because we both knew spanish, no translator needed, what a joy for me to be in a face-to-face, word-for-word situation, she and I getting to know each other.

I went to visit her family and we talked about the landscape there in Romania, and Bulgaria facing us, and the bridge that Europe is building for 2010 to join Sofia to Bucarest... and Bucarest to Sofia, for a big change. I asked her about Spain where she spends 6 months a year picking olives as a seasonal migrant.

We danced with the girls on that dope track and i almost cried when we had to go back to the boat and leave the next morning for Serbia.